Szymon Rutkowski / personal homepage

My name's Szymon Rutkowski. I'm an NLP researcher and programmer since 2016.

Lately I've been working on open source search engine software.

My resume is available on request.


You can visit my GitHub.

My email is [my first name] @ [this site].

You can reach me at as @szmr.

I'm not on Facebook or any of its properties.

Own sites

  • ActualScan (English) - open source search engine software: index sites, search them with text analytics
  • Ciesiołka Znaków (Polish) - my old blog mainly about applications of lingustics (word morphology) and machine learning in language processing



  • Estimating senses with sets of lexically related words for Polish word sense disambiguation (with P. Rychlik and A. Mykowiecka), GWC 10: ClarinPL
  • Evaluation of basic modules for isolated spelling error correction in Polish texts, LTC 19: ArXiv

My Master's

  • (2nd) History – 2020, Uniwersytet Warszawski: Język laudów sejmikowych w latach 1572-1696 jako przedmiot badań komputerowych (Language of local assembly (sejmik) resolutions as a subject of computational research) [PDF]
  • (1st) Cognitive Science – 2018, Uniwersytet Warszawski: Modele automatycznego poprawiania błędów w języku polskim (Models of automatic spelling correction for Polish) [PDF] (I also experimented with biological neural nets, as described here, see also the repo)

Toy apps

(These are old)